VMworld 2017 Stardate -1

Well here I am at my 3rd VMworld in Barcelona, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m here this year as one of the official VExpert Bloggers. It must be true as it says it here on my badge.


So I arrived early yesterday to take advantage of a few days in the sun only to find that it was raining!


But today was more of a typical Barcelona day so we decided to spend the time at the beach, after all it was a lovely day.

Beach small

There are two highlights for coming to VMworld on the Sunday; one is registration and the other is the vRockstar Party, unfortunately demand for the tickets is unbelievable and I was unable to get a ticket this year.

The main highlight for me was getting my badge and of course this years rucksack, so what’s in the rucksack you ask? Well there are no surprises, it’s the rucksack, the water bottle (sponsored by Hewlett Packard which is different) and the customary tee-shirt and notebook. Don’t forget that if you go to the Info desk at the front right of the registration area you can get your badge scanned for a free T10 metro and bus pass.

Tomorrow is the first day and is traditionally the partner day so as I not a partner I’m looking forward to a serious amount of time in the VMvillage, attending some hands on labs, and networking at the VMTN and Blogging areas. It goes without saying that I will be hitting the Cloudcred challenges quite hard tomorrow as well and catching up with Noell Grier the Cloudcred admin.


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