I’ve been working in I.T since I left secondary school so that’s 30 years now. I started out building hard drive subsystems that started at 10MB (yes that’s MB) and were the size of a PC. I became a field engineer for a while fixing anything from Mini computers to printers and back then we did use the soldering Iron. I landed a job on site working with NetWare servers (a network running before they even invented IP and way before the internet) became certified in NetWare and then never looked back, I now hold many certifications and am employed as a server specialist as the SME on all things Messaging, currently supporting Exchange, Enterprise Vault, Blackberry, Good and Airwatch.


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  1. Nash,

    Hey how are you ? I am working fro Carlsberg Breweries & i am the end to end EMM admin here. I have completed my AW EMM Associate accreditation & i would like to know, need your expertise help in completing the AW EMM Professional accreditation. I am trying to access the links that you gave in this page but not able to find them. Can you please share the docs & your expertise on the same?

    Looking forward to learn from you 🙂



    • Hi Pritvi
      IF you have completed your Associate exam then I assume you have access to My AirWatch and you should find that the all the training materials are under the AirWatch academy at https://training.air-watch.com/accreditations if you expand the details box it should display the list of training videos. I would make sure you at least watch them all and then you should be in a good place to take the exam, I notice that I had 14 videos for the 8.1/2 exam but for 9 there are now 14 to watch. You do get I think its two or three goes to pass the exam so that should help. As I say in the blog post I will say that the exam appeared to be heavily focused on Content Locker and Enrolment Options so in hindsight I would of liked to go through both of those modules in greater detail and I would encourage anyone else thinking of taking this particular exam to do the same.
      Re the links I gave if they are in the study guides I uploaded I too found some didn’t work and IVe also tried to find a Version 9 study guide without success. So I hope that helps and good luck with the exam.


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