Cohesity Connect Global User Conference Starts Next Week

We find ourselves in the middle of IT conference season and coming off the back of VMworld is the Cohesity Connect conference. Now, I’ve been a big fan of Cohesity since I saw them back in 2015 at VMworld and their product offerings just keep getting better and better. This inaugural 3 day conference is starting strong with something for everyone – Keynotes, 30 plus speakers, including Mohit Aron the founder and CEO, the latest product announcements and my personal favourite certifications. Cohesity Academy are offing two free certifications worth $300 so what’s to loose.

Cohesity is pleased to host its inaugural user conference Cohesity Connect, a global, virtual event running between 19-21 October that gives attendees from around the world the opportunity to hear about the latest trends and innovations in next-gen data management.

A key focus of the event this year will be cyber resilience. Attendees can learn about next-gen technologies that can protect their data and businesses from sophisticated ransomware attacks — and save them from having to pay costly ransoms.

The event unites technology innovators and forward-thinking organisations around critical business issues including cyber resilience, hybrid cloud strategies, data protection, unstructured data management, automated disaster recovery, and more.

With more than 30 dynamic sessions and breakout discussions, Cohesity Connect will bring together industry experts, business and IT leaders, and data management professionals to share insights on the most pressing data challenges facing organizations today, from the growing threat of ransomware attacks and disaster recovery to optimizing operations with SaaS and hybrid cloud deployments.

Cohesity leaders will also highlight the latest updates to the Cohesity Helios next-gen data management platform and unveil new products that help keep customers a step ahead of bad actors, harness the power of AI and ML to identify threats that are beyond the scope of manual intervention, further simplify data management, and enable customers to do more with data.

The event will feature a variety of high-caliber speakers, including:

  • Mohit Aron, CEO and founder, Cohesity
  • Kevin Miller, vice president and general manager, S3, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • John Kindervag, creator of the Zero Trust security framework and senior vice president, ON2IT Cybersecurity
  • Nick Warner, chief operating officer, SentinelOne
  • Marianne Bailey, former senior cybersecurity executive, National Security Agency (NSA) and partner at Guidehouse
  • Bill Graff, senior vice president and chief information officer, Cerner Corporation
  • Bill Schlough, senior vice president and chief information officer, San Francisco Giants

Attendees can also obtain free professional certifications in data protection, file and object services, and multicloud solutions during half-day Cohesity Academy sessions.

The event will conclude with an inspiring address from Peggy Whitson, a former NASA chief astronaut, who shattered numerous spaceflight records over the course of her decorated career. 

To learn more about Cohesity Connect and register for the event, please visit

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vRetreat and Cohesity


It was a clear, crisp February day a week ago when I attended my first vRetreat. These events are arranged by fellow vExpert Patrick Redknap, with this event being sponsored by Cohesity and held at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club.

So, Cohesity – what’s it all about. The day started with an introduction on Cohesity from Stuart Gilks, Systems Engineering Director. Stuart started with the statement that 80% of organisations have backup issues, which I can well believe. I always say as a system admin that we get burnt by backup and antivirus which ever products you use, a simple fault can suck your entire day. 

The core product at the heart of the Cohesity suite of products is DataProtect. DataProtect is more than just a backup and recovery product though. It can handle all the traditional backup needs so Deduplication, Compression, Replication and Encryption. But more than that it can handle almost any workload both on premise or in the cloud using their Multicloud products. That’s any hypervisor, any application, any storage and now any cloud. 

Cohesity data Protect

Stuart says they are seeing a decline in NAS usage which I suspect matches the way companies now don’t replace NAS or SAN storage but move it to S3 storage from AWS, Azure and Google. 

To read more about Dataprotect visit here  or watch this video. 

We know Cohesity does a great job on backups but it’s the file and objects services where it really starts to make a difference, using products like MapR to perform analytics on the metadata. After all, you take the time to back it up so you already have a rich set of metadata to drill in to. Stuart even demonstrated how the analytics could detect changes of patterns in the data being backed up, so seeing a sharp increase in encrypted files where previously there were none could indicate a ransomware attack and with automation it simply restores the files from before they were infected. The demo was pretty cool and if you want to see more about the ransomware detection check out their blog page on it here and be sure to watch the video as well. 

Cohesity have also just released their latest version 6.2 which now includes a number of new and improved features which you can see below. Currently they are releasing a new version every few months which shows their commitment to development.

Cohesity release highlights2

They have also announced a new OEM partnership with HPE which I think speaks volumes in a world where HP have been acquiring businesses of interest. This partnership will fill a hole in the HPE portfolio and bring HPE Apollo and Proliant servers to the Cohesity product set.

cohesity appliance

If you’re in the market for a new backup product with some excellent additions and features Cohesity may be well worth a look.

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