Evo:Rail Challenge

We have been having a challenge at work to see who can get a Ticket to VMworld by entering the EVO:Rail challenge, This is a challenge to complete a VMware HOL in the quickest time, so I’m pleased to say that one of my colleagues at work has won this very challenge and is off to VMworld , so it just goes to show people that its possible to win these challenges

So a big congratulations to Ryan Harris, Ryan is one of the most passionate guys I know about VMware, he is a regular blogger and his blog can be found here.


Cloudcred and why Im addicted

What’s it all about then?

It must of been around early April when I was browsing around the VMware community looking for any study resources for the VCA in NSX when I stumbled on to cloudcred I joined on April the 6th and from then on I’m almost a daily visiter, so what it’s all about I hear you say. Well simply the site gives you a number of challenges about VMware and the more you complete the more points you get. And what do points get you I here you say? well points mean prizes. And in this case that’s basically a ton of VMware marketing gifts. I will say that some are more useful that others, but it’s free and no more than you would expect to receive if you attend VMworld etc.


The tasks are often read a VMware article, blog, watch a webcast or video about a new product or feature and then answer some multiple choice questions or maybe write small synopsis. Some will want you to comment on a blog or maybe post a tweet about something. Also Some require more effort than others, you may need to download or install some software, so access to a lab is useful although not essential. If you like doing the VMware hands on labs (HOL) then you can often find a lab listed as a task, Personally I haven’t done many labs as I find most quite time consuming to fit in my personal life. Althought the more effort required the greater the reward.

Worlds and badges

These are ways of grouping tasks that cover the same type of thing together to progress up the leaderboard or collect a badge proving you have completed a number of tasks on that subject.There are 6 worlds, they are: Cloudcred, Log Insight, NSX, Virtual SAN, HOL and 28 Days. There are lots of badges to work through, I’m aware of 28 of which I have currently got 13. Badges tend to be for related tasks, ie VMware Log Insight, storage VSAN or mobile so horizon view or Airwatch even. I went through a large number of VCP DCV questions which were definitely useful for anyone preparing for that exam. If you have a few qualifications, VCA, VCP or even VCAP that’s instant points too.


There are a boggling array of leaderboards, the dashboard will tell you where you are overall, but if you drill down in to the leaderboards one for each world, of which there are 6 some weekly so you will see who is completing tasks that week. I have managed to get on the top 3 leaders positions on all 6 leaderboards but only the once.

Progression and prestige

Possibly the most complicated thing to understand is the prestige or level up as I tend to call it. When you get to 20,000 points you can level up, if you don’t level up you will just stay at 20,000 points no mater how many more tasks you do, so I tend to upgrade as soon as I reach 20,000.

However at this point you go back to zero points and back to the bottom of the leader board, it’s not all bad as at this point you will normally be rewarded with some reward and the incentive of the next reward that you are now closer to.


These vary the further you progress through the levels, as I mention above theese tend to be martekting type rewards, as I’m up to level 5 now I’m not sure what the prizes will be. There have also been a number of special challenges, complete a number of specific tasks and you may win big, prizes in the last few months have been, an IPad, USB hard disk, some Beats headphones and even tickets to VMworld.

My haul of rewards

My haul of rewards


So the big question is, is it really educational or more marketing, well I’ve definitely improved my knowledge of VMware in terms of both Technical knowledge and the product set.  So to answer the question I would have to say yes it is educational but don’t just take my word for it, a quick look at the Twitter feed reveals others agree, a fellow competitor recently tweeted Thanks #CloudCred you have one of the most addictive websites ever. And a great place to learn new things. So it’s not just me then!