I’ve just completed a MOOC and earned a Virtual badge


I’ve just completed a MOOC on Exploring the Modern Data Center from EMC. What is a MOOC I hear you shout well it’s apparently a Massive Open Online Course, and the open bit means it’s free.

The course is available to anyone with internet access, Conducted over a six-week period, the course will require Students to invest approximately two to three hours of work per week.

Sutdents will be engaged through a blend of online content in the form of educational videos, recorded whiteboards, documents, and assessments. Students will also have opportunities to interact with others and learn through group discussions.

This was released as a 6 week course, and I enrolled right at the start on the 19th of July, and each week there was a new topic, each week took me about 2 hours of watching videos from various sources at EMC to cover the subject, so a little bit of marketing videos and some more technical ones.

The course covered the following topics.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Modern Data Center
  • Week 2: Technologies of Modernized Infrastructure: Flash and Scale-out Storage
  • Week 3: Technologies of Modernized Infrastructure: Software-defined and Cloud-enabled systems
  • Week 4: Technologies of Modernized Infrastructure: Trust
  • Week 5: Technologies of Modernized Infrastructure: Automation
  • Week 6: Transformation of People & Process, and Next Steps

I will say that this wasn’t a really full on technical course so if you’re starting out in IT and want to get in to storage and cloud systems you could do a lot worse than take this course, it’s still available to sign up for it here.

For more information I recommend you watch this 4 minute video:

There is a small test at the end of the course which is online and free but more importantly one of the rewards for completing this course and passing the exam, is you get a digital badge, now again what is a digital badge I hear you shout, well a digital badge is a new way to recognize your earned knowledge, skills, and certifications and share them online with verification.

Initially I was quite excited about this concept it certainly appears to be a way of linking all those certifications you earn in one place. You can take a look at someone’s public profile and immediately get a look at the badges and therefore the qualifications they have, and by clicking on the badge learn more about want that badge was awarded for and even where you need to go for more information.

The badge for the MOOC is managed by a badge vendor Acclaim and I was pleasantly surprised to see this is a part of Pearson who we all know have been managing our IT Technical exams for a while. Now EMC and I know VMware (thought Cloudcred) are looking at using badges from Acclaim so I thought that there was a chance that there would be a true unification of the certifications that we own.

Since looking in to this I have discovered that there is even an open badge standard which although hosted by Mozilla, they are keen to say is not proprietary, and an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges. However further research would appear to tell me that Acclaim badges are not truly open badges and now it would appear that Microsoft are also going to be using badges, however I think they are also going to be a proprietary, so I’m a little concerned that we are just going to end up with vender portals for each of our badges but only time will tell. If you want to see my Acclaim profile then click here.

For more information on Acclaim badges please take a look at this two minute video:

For more information please see the following links: