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Lately I have been trying to educate myself on Cybersecurity, so when I was asked to take a look at IntSights I was quite surprised at how great their product set looks and the capabilities it offers.

IntSights was founded in 2015 by former members of an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Equipped with a deep understanding of how threat actors think, collaborate, and act, they set out to build a solution that enables companies to use external intelligence to change the way they protect themselves.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

The IntSights Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) automates the entire threat intelligence lifecycle — from data collection, processing, analysis, and enrichment all the way to collaboration and dissemination. By centralizing the collection, management, and integration of dozens of threat intelligence sources in the operational environment, teams can streamline investigation and proactively block threats.

IntSights achieve this by utilising continuous monitoring of an enterprise’s external digital profile across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify emerging threats and orchestrate proactive response.

All this is managed from a cloud console providing single pane of glass management by leveraging bidirectional integrations with enterprise SIEMS, Firewalls and other security platforms found in a typical enterprise.

Example Dashboard

The main features of this are:

  • Streamlined security Operations
  • Integrated external and internal threat protection
  • Deep investigation analysis
  • Fewer duplicate and false positives
  • Accelerated response
  • Automated threat blocking
  • Plug and play into existing security devices.
  • Improve your security posture.

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IntSights Active Directory Integration

The product that caught my eye the most was IntSights Active Directory Integration

IntSights Active Directory Integration automatically validates and locks down compromised credentials.

Leaked credentials are one of the easiest ways for hackers to access corporate systems and steal sensitive data. Companies must vigilantly monitor for leaked employee credentials online, but this task is made incredibly difficult with massive credential databases being published and exchanged Organizations must be able to quickly identify, process and validate if leaked credentials are active and could be used to access corporate systems

IntSights Active Directory Integration can identify new and previous credential leaks using their leaked credentials database and continuous clear, deep, and dark web monitoring.

You can then instantly validate if credentials are active and require response. You can also automate the “Credential Reset Process” by building custom policies to instantly validate and automatically trigger credential reset notifications—locking down compromised credentials efficiently while minimizing losses in employee productivity.

Active Directory Integration Overview: How It Works

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Please note that whilst this content was not provided by IntSights this is a sponsored post.