CoreSuite The SaaS Management Platform

Today I want to take some time to introduce CoreSuite from CoreView, an SaaS Management Platform for Microsoft 365.

CoreSuites key benefits to any organisation are to:

  • avoid security risks by delivering True RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and segregation of duties
  • cut operating costs by utilising workflows, discovering shadow IT
  • improved productivity by implementing a single pane of glass

Why would I buy a product to help manage a product that already has a web management console I hear you ask. Well, any administrator who has managed an enterprise class deployment of Microsoft 365 knows that it’s the simple requests that takes ages, one minute you’re in the Admin centre, then the Azure AD portal, then the Security Centre and so on.

CoreSuite offers that single pane of glass to let you manage your tenant through a single console. One CoreView pane replaces a dozen separate native admin centre interfaces.

Most enterprise customers have multiple active directories on site but probably only one Microsoft 365 tenant. CoreView allows you to segment a single M365 tenant into Virtual Tenants that might reflect a department, or a country, or region, or even a single location. By breaking into smaller groups, you can restrict what users can see and act on, making it much easier to manage than having to tackle the entire organization in one bite. In my mind this is similar to the concept of how you carve up Active Directory on Premises.

CoreView Virtual Tenants Overview

How often do you end up testing user permissions with Enterprise admins because that user is trying to do x and has a business need to do it. Microsofts built in roles are good, but they only go so far until you find the exception that doesn’t work. CoreView adds true RBAC (Role Based Access Control) to define specific permissions for administrators who then can only perform certain tasks.

CoreView – Dashboard

Security is improved as since there are no native Microsoft 365 administrator rights needed within the tenant for these regional admins, there is no way for them to log onto the M365 portal and make any changes directly within the tenant or via PowerShell.

These are just some of the benefits of CoreSuite. Others include:

  • Teams: CoreView has a number of tools to improve the adoption of Teams and reports to understand every interaction
  • Multi-SaaS: Discover and manage every SaaS app in your stack
  • Hybrid: Extend CoreSuite’s capabilities to your on-prem environments

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Please note that whilst this content was not provided by CoreView this is a sponsored post.