CloudCred and what’s next + VMworld 2016


Just over three weeks ago I hit the Maximum score in CloudCred or more correctly the Maximum level 15 and 20000 points. So this means in the 16 months or so since I joined I’ve amassed the total of 300,000 points. As far as I can tell there is just one other player at this level Ravi Venkatasubbaiah @ravi_venk

So what next?

Well the good news is that I’ve been speaking to Noell Grier @CloudCredGeek  at CloudCred HQ and she tells me that there is a new set of upgrades coming soon, in fact it may be here before VMworld. This release is going to include:

  • Extra levels apparently there maybe 30 levels now so that’s good news for me and Ravi at least for the next year or so!
  • Bug fixes including the dysfunctional leaderboard.
  • Hopefully many more fixes and improvements.

Now I’ve been emailing  Noell for a bit and have mentioned a few irksome things from time to time, so I’m personally hoping for a little more speed as it’s not the fastest site out there.


One of the other things I’ve mentioned is the rewards and how they have changed since I started playing, back then there was at least one reward or more for each level and currently that’s not always the case. I have also thought that for higher level rewards some sort of higher level of reward could be offered such as training credits. Well my dreams have come true, at least if you’re lucky enough to be attending VMworld in Vegas. Noell has just blown the budget sky high and there are new badges, new worlds and chances to win big. The prizes include:

  •  Moscow Mule Sets
  • GoPro Hero 4 Camera
  • A Roku 4K Streaming Device
  • Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones
  • BOSE Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker
  • Fitbit FLEX
  • VMware EDU Training Class Voucher (Yes a Free Course!)

clouccred VMworld Rewards

So whether you have joined CloudCred before or not I would urge you to get to the CloudCred stand say Hi to Noell and sign up and take part, as they say in the lottery you have to be in it to win it!

For more information on Joining CloudCred and getting your head around the prizes go to


2 thoughts on “CloudCred and what’s next + VMworld 2016

    • Hi Vikrant
      Well the upgrades to CloudCred are here but performance is still an issue. Apparently though since the big news about VMware and AWS I believe that we could see Cloudcred moving to AWS which everyone believes will bring a much needed performance boost.


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