AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Professional


So as I found myself with not a lot to do between Christmas and New Year, I thought I would pull my finger out and complete the studying for my next AirWatch certification the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Professional.
As I commented when I passed the Associate exam, the Professional requires study in 16 modules. So imaging my delight when reviewing the Study guide from AirWatch (on my links page) that there were no questions on VMware Identity Manager and Socialcast, so that removed two modules from my studying.

  • AirWatch Cloud Connector
  • Integration with Directory Services
  • Securing Mobile Devices with Certificates
  • AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway
  • Enrollment Options for Mobile Device Management
  • Creating Web, Application and Device Kiosks
  • Deploying a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program
  • Reporting, Analytics and Telecom Management
  • AirWatch Secure Email Gateway
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program: Apps and iBooks
  • VMware Identity Manager
  • AirWatch AppShield
  • AirWatch Content Locker Collaborate
  • Advanced Content Settings and Security
  • Socialcast
  • Laptop Management

So after watching the 14 video training modules on  my.airwatch I decided to take the exam , now the exam like the associate exam is also completed on line at my.airwatch The exam is made up of 45 questions to be taken in 90 minutes the pass mark is 70%. I will say that boy that time flies by, these questions are not that straightforward and I found myself almost taking the 2 minutes per question to just read and process some of the longer questions. Still I was presently surprised when after 89 minutes I managed to pass with 78%

I will say that the exam appeared to be heavily focused on Content Locker and Enrollment Options so in hindsight I would of liked to go through both of those modules in greater detail and I would encourage anyone else thinking of taking this particular exam to do the same.

As per other certifications you can logon and download your certificates, logos ect from my.airwatch

professional cert
There is also a handy link which can be used to verify the accreditation so I guess this would be for prospective employers to confirm your status. so check out my airwatch accreditations here

One point to finally mention is that the certification is only valid for a year and AirWatch encourage you to update your accreditation as new versions of the AirWatch solution become available. As I’m currently certified on the latest version 8.2 I will have to wait for a new version to be released and see how the upgrade exams work. Whether they are a full exam again or just an incremental exam, will I need to take both associate and professional exams and are there any costs are all questions I don’t know the answer to at the moment so if anyone can tell me please get in touch.

So what’s next for me and AirWatch well that’s it’s from an certification point of view, pending any upgrade exams so my next challenge is to put the training in to practice and build a production environment for my employer.


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