VMworld 2015 My Session Choices

I haven’t been to VMworld before all thought many years ago I was lucky enough to attend the Novell conference Brainshare a couple of times, once in the USA and once at Barcelona. Rather ironically I have won this ticket as part of the VMware EVO Rail challenge, one of my Novell Brainshare tickets was also won as part of the CNE Challenge.vmworld-2015-banner

I thought like other bloggers out there I would make a list of what sessions I have registered for at this year’s VMworld at Barcelona.

First of all I was surprised at how fewer sessions there were at Barcelona compared to San Francisco Now I know that San Francisco is going to be the Home event and weighs in at 5 days and 879 sessions. But Barcelona is just 1 day less at 4 days and yet only has just 379 sessions, Some 500 less. But at least that makes the choosing of sessions slightly easier with less to choose from.

From my point of view I was interested in the hands on labs expert led workshops (ELW) as VMware is not my primary or even my secondary job function in my current role so some course like labs to update my skills is just what I’m looking for. I believe the ELW are usually one of the first sessions to fill up so got in quick on the first day however Barcelona had just 10 compared to 27 in San Francisco. So I’ve managed to get 5 of the workshops in my schedule.

Apart from workshops I’ve tried to focus on sessions I will find useful for work, so as I’m about to roll out AirWatch to my environment that’s a must. I’m also a VDI environment so tried to find a good number of Horizon sessions. I also picked a few NSX sessions as that is currently a hot topic that I’m personally interested in.

Here is the complete listing of my 18 registered sessions.

Expert Led Workshops

  • ELW-MBL-1657 — AirWatch – Explore and Deploy Workshop
  • ELW-SDC-1603 — VMware NSX Introduction Workshop
  • ELW-SDC-1628 — VMware EVO:RAIL Introduction Workshop
  • ELW-SDC-1610 — Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management 6 Workshop
  • ELW-MBL-1652 — Securely Manage and Deliver Horizon 6 Workshop


  • EUC5617 — Take Advantage of AirWatch 8.1: Preview the Latest Release
  • EUC5762 — End-to-end Security with AirWatch, NSX and Intelligent Networking
  • EUC5791 — Advanced EMM: Your Top 10 Problems Solved
  • EUC6105 — What’s New in VMware Identity Manager


  • EUC5404 — Deliver High Performance Desktops with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU
  • EUC4437 — Horizon View Troubleshooting – Looking Under the Hood
  • EUC4509 — Architecting Horizon for VSAN, the VCDX way – VMware on VMware.


  • NET5541 — Introduction to VMware NSX
  • NET5560 — VMware NSX – Deep Dive
  • NET5612 — NSX for vSphere Logical Load Balacing Deep Dive


  • STO5906 — Virtual SAN Technical Deep Dive and What’s New
  • STO6228 — Monitoring and Troubleshooting Virtual SAN, Current and Future

VCE (I’m a VCE customer)

  • SDDC6569-SPO — VCE Converged Solutions for the Software Defined Enterprise



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