Cloudcred and the Blogger Badge

In the run up to VMworld things are quiet at Cloucred, I’m expecting it to go crazy one we hit August the 30th. But for now we have the current Disaster Recovery challenge but I’ve done all those tasks so have been looking for tasks to get me to 20000 points so I can prestige up to level 6.

I must say that the further I’ve progressed the slower the points have come, I guess that’s as now Im able to keep up with the new tasks finding older ones that I can complete is getting harder, again the benefit of level up does bring the repeatable tasks back, if you can remember them, I do find myself finding tasks and thinking haven’t I done this already.

Initially I set myself the task of getting the available tasks below 1000 which I achieved the other day taking a quick hit on low point tasks such as follow something or comment on a social media site, or download something. So my next point of call was badges. I tend not to focus on badges until they have naturally gained some points, but a quick look at my profile indicated a couple of candidates that were on the way to being completed, so I’ve spent the last couple of days working on the Tech VM badge and blogger badge. The blogger badge is why this blog came about, I decided that I needed to dip my toe in to blogging and discovered as its free. I’ve quickly discovered its limitations however for now it’s doing the job. I’m still looking for points to level up so might have to look at a few more badges, of course there is always triple point Tuesday to look forward to!



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